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Is it just by the skin it’s brown?

That can’t be right. They’d never be that white.

Where’s it at? In his bedroom?

[Laughs] What?

[Laughs] In the bedroom, not at all. It just sits there.

Do you feel bad about killing a cat off, because you do remember your cat a lot?

I’ve killed off a lot of cats. It’s kind of funny, it’s just that it’s not my cats, it’s a real cat, a real human. So I can’t really think about it.

Did you ever do a show where you’re going to do it?

I did one that had a cat that was really funny, in South America. That wasn’t really my thing. It was more of like a documentary kind of thing. It was just fun to make with a camera, and you could actually see him get killed off. I felt pretty comfortable with it.

What about in your work in the films? I heard that you didn’t want to do a movie where there’s a cat killed off, where the cat gets thrown into somebody’s face.

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What? That’s just the wrong way of thinking about it. [Laughs] It’s not like I’d never seen anything like that before. It’s just a funny thing, it happens. I’m not really saying I don’t like those kinds of films. I do like the fact that they’re kind of honest about things, and we all get sick of it.

You have a bit of a reputation for doing that. What was that like?

It makes me really, really upset! But people keep doing that stuff, and they just keep getting worse. That’s the thing about being a filmmaker, because you’re not a journalist. You’re not really saying much, so it’s just like, “I don’t really know what you’re trying to say.”

Do you feel that you have much power now to get rid of this nonsense?

Do I think the truth will come out? Absolutely. But then, with people going online and saying stuff like that [about your own film], you can kind of see the damage and people being stupid enough to actually say stuff like that.

I thought it was funny that in the film, you had said, “What I can’t get over is that they’ve really got to be doing better with the cats

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How do you draw a black cat? – Drawingforall Net Cars
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