How do you draw a bunny? – How To Draw Old Cars Step By Step

How do you draw a dog? Can you draw a man?”

“No! No, no, no!” says the man in his sixties, in jeans, a T-shirt and tennis shoes.

“You don’t want to see a dog and a bunny or a man doing it?”

“No,” replies the man. “I just don’t believe in it. If I draw a rabbit… well, a bunny or a dog, I am not going to believe it. You know, you can’t create a creature if you don’t have a soul. How would a bunny survive? Do you know what it would do? You might get eaten. How would you survive with a soul? You would kill yourself. So I don’t believe in it.”

“How To Draw” book by Scott Robertson & Thomas Bertling ...
The cartoonist puts his hands on his knees, and with one last look at the man, puts his drawing away. He walks towards the door of the studio and slams it as he walks.

This story, “Why is it you draw cats, but not dogs?” was originally published in Quirk Magazine

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You can’t draw a cat if you don’t have a soul, but you can do that without an actual soul.

The following is a guest post by the fantastic Mark Jost of In This Moment. I’ll get a little personal with a bit of history.

My wife and I are on a journey of self discovery. It’s a journey of discovering ourselves. We can be ourselves and not want what anyone thinks we want. We can also have our hearts be shattered and then we can still not want to do it.

So we’ve made several changes in our life.

We got a big house. We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom. We moved from a condo to an apartment so we could have more “freedom”.

We bought a large car. We wanted to go out more. We were afraid of the cost of cars. However, I’ve had

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How do you draw a bunny? – How To Draw Old Cars Step By Step
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