How do you draw a cat face? – How To Draw Cars For Kids Black And White Clipart Cat

It’s an important question; I’m not a professional. I mean, I do like cat faces – just because they have the same basic characteristics, which is cat-like eyes, a short muzzle and long legs, and so on. But I don’t draw cats to look like cats.

I drew them to make you want to look at their faces. So I drew the cat’s head because it has kind of a skull and the kind of teeth you might find on a cat, which is the most unusual thing in a face.

There are lots and lots of pictures on the internet. I don’t know what that was called in Japanese, but it’s a kind of a big, big, kind of thick book full of cat faces. Some are very cute, some are very horrifying, some are very cute. It’s a mess.
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The only one I remember, and I can’t recall the name, was one with a face like a merman. I really wasn’t into it, but I really couldn’t resist.

And then you had to draw people?

I drew characters as well. One of the characters I drew, the one with the big head, I think I drew it for the comic book, I don’t really remember.

You weren’t always a professional artist?

I started drawing after I went to high school and I was getting into art class, and it was a big drawing class, and I didn’t want to go out after school at night and draw things. So it was like a drawing class for me. But I ended up studying more about photography. I think if I’d gone to art school, I may have been a better artist. I don’t know.

So the first drawing you did was for your first comic book?

Yeah, but when I was doing it that was a while ago. Back in the late 70s – early 80s – I started drawing comics. I did a few different things. A year or two before that, when I got involved with DC comics, I did a couple of short stories, and then I worked with the company for a few years until the 90s when I became their colorist.

I did a couple of Batman comics, I did a couple of Aquaman…

That’s really cool! Because Batman got me into comics, because I knew he was the real thing, but I still didn’t know what Aquaman was. I thought

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How do you draw a cat face? – How To Draw Cars For Kids Black And White Clipart Cat
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