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It’s tough,” says Mr Chua-Yen. “You have to make it look good in its environment. How good? You’d have to watch it to see…the way it eats.”

There’s a lot to be gained when drawing a crocodile, because of the unique features of its anatomy. In the film, the animal is referred to as the “king of the crocodile, a lion of the lagercat”. As the film’s director, Tony Kushner, says: “If he’s not in a tank, he’s in the sun.”

And as Mr Chua-Yen argues: “It’s actually one of the world’s richest predators.”

The crocodile is one of just three carnivorous dinosaurs found on land today. The other two are the crocodile and maniraptoran.

All three are very similar, but the maniraptoran lives up to its name, inhabiting the high valleys of the central and eastern United States.

But the crocodile is much more fearsome, being the ancestor of the modern crocodile, and evolving as a semi-aquatic predator that would hunt in water.

Crocodiles were thought to be the “glorious survivors of the dinosaurs”.

“The dinosaur was actually a very, very stupid dinosaur that didn’t survive,” explains Mr Chua-Yen. “It was one of the biggest winners in the extinction process.”

Crocodiles grew as large as 6m (20ft) and weighed a tonne. They stalked prey, leaving a mottled white imprint when they dragged carcasses underwater.
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They had no mouths and were incapable of chewing their food – what they ate was what they found, and the remains of dead food would be eaten too.

And as humans have eaten them too, crocodiles have evolved into a predator that can chew much larger prey than any other dinosaur.

“There was a common belief that the largest creature was a big crocodile and big pythons and big lizards, these were the only animals that existed,” concludes Mr Chua-Yen.

Image copyright SPL Image caption A prehistoric crocodile believed to have eaten a small human

All three dinosaurs grew large, and were the first carnivorous dinosaurs. All were, from their very first days, predators – an evolutionary feat that the next three largest carnivores in the Dinosauria were nowhere near accomplishing.


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How do you draw a crocodile? – Cool Things To Draw
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