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You just use your imagination! I like to call mine a ‘Dodo,’ but you can call your dolphin anything you want!”

“That makes it more complicated. How do you call a man with a dolphin tattoo on his right arm?”

“Oh, he’s a different animal entirely!”

“Well then, I would refer to him as an ‘Old Sea Serpent’ because that’s his original name,” she said.

“Sounds good!”

For her next adventure, she said she would be doing a swim in the pool that afternoon—with her new tattoo.

“I’ll be wearing a turtleneck, and if you touch me in public I will smack you,” she said, looking at the pool and the men in their swimsuits. “And they won’t care if I smack them. Not everyone can swim, so I can just sit and stare at the water all day.”

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As she was doing her work she glanced over at her friend, her face a deep, penetrating blue. “You, uh, got that tattoo, don’t you?” she asked with disgust.

“Yep, I did it. We’ve been best friends for years. I don’t know if there’s anyone else who has that kind of tattoo. But they’re not supposed to put it on their bodies. Even if this was an amateur thing, it would be illegal.”

After she finished that story, she leaned her head back against the sink and waited for the next person at the table to share an anecdote.

“But I have it on, too,” she said.

This is the last chapter of a two-part discussion on the role of gender in fantasy, and the extent to which, as a group, fantasy authors might be making gender less relevant in their work. In Part One, I argued that while fantasy was making gender more acceptable and less central in some contexts, both the genres at the center of the debate—manga and novels—were experiencing a surge of popularity that was eroding both mainstream and alternative fantasy. The next section covers the extent to which the genre has been shifting away from gender, and what can be done to address this shift. Finally, in Part Two, I suggest how to counter that shift.

Introduction : Gender In Fantasy and Manga

Gender is a very common topic in speculative fiction, whether it was being dealt with in fantasy novels, video games, and video games, or explored in academic works.

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How do you draw a dolphin? – Cool Things To Draw Cartoon Food Minister
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