How do you draw a easy car for beginners?

Answer 1: You draw this in a few lines. Draw this in a couple of lines. When you’re done with this, make a few more lines. But draw this in a few lines. You don’t need too much space in the lines.

Answer 2: Draw a bunch of lines.

Answer 3: Start this one in pencil. You do not want to draw two lines. The next line you draw needs to be longer than the one you just did. Start filling in the circle. The circle is the place you put the lines and then begin filling in the circle.

Answer 4: Add lots of lines.

Answer 5: Finish the first line you drew.

Answer 6: Keep going up. Make up some more lines.

Question 7: Use a different color for each line.

Answer 6: Keep repeating these steps. Make more lines.

Question 8: Keep going up through this one and then fill in the circle with lines you have drawn.

Answer 7: Make as many lines as you need.

Question 9: Draw the next line slowly. That’s all you have to do here!

Question 10: Do the same for the next lines.

Question 11: Do the same for the next lines.

Answer 12: Draw one line.

Answer 13: Draw two lines.

Answer 14: Draw the lines to the right and to the left of the first line you’ve made.

Question 15: Draw one line with black or a dark color.

Answer 16: Draw the second line with the same color or a similar color.

Answer 17: Draw two lines of exactly equal length.

How to Draw a Sports Car for Beginners | DrawCarz
Question 18: Fill in the circle as you go up the line.

Answer 18: Make this line at the base of the circle as big as you want it to be. Fill in the circle again as you go up the line, up to a point.

Question 19: Make a bunch of small lines.

Answer 20: Fill in circle as you go up the line.

Question 21: Begin the drawing by drawing the top. Draw the bottom.

Answer 22: Finish the drawing of the bottom with a few more lines, just because it’s easier.

Question 23: Start at the top of the line, draw a couple of lines. Draw the lower. Then finish the upper, just because it’s easier

How do you draw a easy car for beginners?
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