How do you draw a fish? – Drawing Cars In Perspective Pdf

Well that sounds more like a job than any art I have ever done. But to me, that doesn’t matter, what matters is what you end up with. I had three colors – black and white, a purple, green and white, and some other colors I can’t remember right now – that were all done before I started.
I used an old pencil. I didn’t even have to set it down or remove any of it to start, I just picked it up and painted it. This process was a lot like working on an old-fashioned drawing board with paper over it. You just move something out of the way and don’t think about it, just start penciling away with the right colored pencil.
When I had about forty drawings done I had two books for each color. I used the color books to decide where to place the pictures and I would only do the most common themes. For example, I don’t think a lot of people like fish or trees and I put a lot of stuff together to fit those two themes, so I would get a lot of black and white pictures in there. Then I’d use the black and white book to decide where some of the images should go and put some of those in there. I would usually do a lot of different backgrounds for each color and then put some of the fish and tree scenes in there as well.
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Then I would take the pencil I had been using and I would do a lot of testing with that. I might see that I was too dark in a certain part, too light, too dark or too light so I would experiment with that. If there were four colors, I would do a lot of color-by-color test, so I would take some drawings and move them around and see how different colors worked together with the four of them and then I’d stick with four of those four colors, so it would go on and on and so on. I’m not that good at doing this kind of work by myself, but just to see how colors like to work together is kind of neat to experiment with.
After I had done a lot of tests with these four colors and had a rough idea of how they would work together and how it would look, I would work in the rest of the colors. And I always used blue just because of the color theory. If I wanted something to look like a yellow or a teal, I’d make the drawing blue so it would match that color theory.
I would do four color

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How do you draw a fish? – Drawing Cars In Perspective Pdf
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