How do you draw a fish? – Why Are Cars Hard To Draw

The first thing you must do is to find the fish’s general shape, to make the idea of drawing from it. You can do this by trying to capture the figure in the fish form with your pencil, but this only works well for simple shapes. Using a small and precise shape tool (e.g., one of those soft rubber things which allows you to precisely draw lines) will probably help to keep the general shape in your mind. Then, when you are finished with the shape, you can make the fish with the same principle: you have to find out what a fish’s size is, how far it swims, how much and how far it can eat, how large it gets or how big it gets the bigger it looks to you.

Let’s say you made a small and pretty fish. Its size is 6 inches by 6 inches and its swim-speed is 3.5 inches per hour. How big is it, really? You might have to think for a moment. Can we draw it really? Well, there are a ton of other fish around. You could do a lot of drawing and have some fun and take pictures of your fish with your camera from far away and make a funny video, or you might do as we have suggested above and take a photo of yourself with your fish.

So, now you have some general idea of the idea you want in your drawing. Let us go back, however, to the way you started drawing (and the fish), and how you came upon this concept.

Why do I need to know the general shape of something? I have drawn a fish and there it is at the end, but I need to know how far it can swim, how much it can eat and how big it gets. And what about the food it can get? I’ve drawn the fish once, drawing a very simplified and small form to show that what I want is still possible. But I have just drawn the most basic form, so how can I draw that in a more complex form?

I have to know what a fish’s size is first, not what it looks, but how far it can swim, how big it is and how big it gets.

Now I have this general shape, how can I draw it in a form that really makes the impression, or in a form that takes more of a fish than one would possibly expect?

Do I want to make the fish in my drawings as large and large as possible?

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How do you draw a fish? – Why Are Cars Hard To Draw
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