How do you draw a giraffe? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Backwards

You draw it on the back of a stick.

(Giraffe is sitting, still looking at the sticks.)

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Penny: What?

(All the animals look at one another, then go silent.)

(Penny stares out over the empty park, at the moon and her blue star.)

Penny: I’ve got to go now. I’ll see you next day. It was great meeting you all. Bye for now.

(She walks off down the grassy hill. Outside the giraffe walks a little further, then stops.)

Giraffe: Do you know what they called me at school? The giraffe.

(Giraffe turns to his sister, Penny.)

Giraffe: You know what? I might not be a giraffe. So, go ahead and call me the giraffe.

(His sister gives him a sad smile, then leaves his view.)

Penny: What happened?

(Cut to Jack, sitting outside of The Chetato Room on the fourth floor.)

Jack: You know what? I like giraffes better.

(Jack opens the blinds. Penny gets out of the car, and Jack puts the blinders back on.)

Jack: What about you?

Penny: I like the giraffes.

(Cut to the front porch where Penny, Charlie, and the giraffe sit in chairs, looking at the moon and the blue star, and Penny and Charlie both make a face.)

Giraffe: I’m just as comfortable here, thank-yous and kisses.

(Cut to the moon. The giraffe looks at the moon and smiles and walks along the path on the left.)

Episode 7

(All the animals get silent, then look to Penny and Charlie.)

Penny: I think I’ll go get some stuff and get a haircut.

Charlie: I’ll be right back.

(Cut to the park, with the giraffe sitting in a lawn chair.)

Penny: What was wrong about his face?

(Charlie turns around from the grassy hill and sees the giraffe walking past, then stops and stares at him, with his back to Penny.)

Charlie: What happened?

(The giraffe walks on, but the view is now blocked by a wall.)

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How do you draw a giraffe? – How To Draw Cars 3 Crash Backwards
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