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Drawing is a form of expression – both of a person and the things they do.

What are the most important things to draw?

There aren’t many rules to draw, but here are some things you should pay attention to:

-Don’t get too specific – more about that in a second

-Look for details – the better the details, the better they draw

-Don’t stray too far – use the basic outlines

-Be aware of the environment – a person won’t need to be exactly like you, they’ll need to be similar in general shape, size, color and proportion.

What’s your favorite pose?

It all depends on what your character wants to do, but the two most popular ones are, on the left, with the sword, on the right, with the shield, in a fighting stance.

I prefer to draw my hero on the left, and the villain on the right, the more obvious ones I’m more happy with, but you may be surprised to learn, I also draw both of our characters right side-to-left (because sometimes it’s easier than having to draw them as one-sided).

What’s your favorite scene to draw?

Anything that has a lot of action.

What are 2 keys for drawing a character?

The first is: focus on character – it shouldn’t have to be a complete ‘face’ you’ve drawn, but they should have personality and expressions that don’t clash with other things in the scene.

The second is: a strong sense of perspective – a good drawing is about the action – not only does there have to be a character with the ‘top-of-your-head’ perspective, but also there should be an angle where the action is, and distance away from it as well.

I’ve noticed that a lot of animators struggle with perspective because of their inexperience and/or lack of experience. To help you get better, here’s a list of 3 quick tips I had to offer:

-Make sure things are facing you.

-Get the action off to the side of you, as if you were looking down on it from above.

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-Move yourself – don’t be afraid to stand tall and straighten up if you get to a point where your character is in a position where it makes sense.

-Look at where your character sits/stands. Look

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How do you draw a person? – How To Draw Cars 3 Cam Spinner
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