How do you draw a race car? – Car Pictures

Well, with the exception of Ferrari’s own special cars like the SF15-T or GT4, those cars don’t have any real bodywork, so the car just looks like any regular road car.

The other thing I learned, that you can only draw a racecar if the engine is at least an LPGA race engine. You’ve got to use real race engines that come from an LPGA racecar. And the big difference is that the LPGA only has two major manufacturers of engines; they are Ferrari and Porsche.
How to draw a car Koenigsegg Regera front view - YouTube

What would make a very nice racecar? Well, I think I would actually go back to my real racecar of course, the Ferrari 250 GTO. I had to have it because I’m a big fan.

What would that car look like if you had it? Well, yeah, I would probably make it more like the 250 GTO but with a couple more details.

For one thing…

So if you take that Ferrari, where the tires would be on there. Where you have a flat center section where it comes to a bit of a curve…

This would be the most unique thing you could come up with.

With your 250 GTO…

But that’s not important. Just take that car and try to make it very unique. A lot of people say that when they see your cars they think they’re actually making their own. That’s like saying there are two or three different things you could do to the car to make it look unique. Then, when you’re actually making a car like that it’s like “Well the most unique thing I could do is…”. So we just have to make it unique, but I don’t even know how to design a car.

And what about the wheels? Why don’t they have a lot of details? The wheels on the F44 are so much different from the wheels on other Ferrari. There’s very little detail.

With your 250 GTO, if you look at these wheels, they really don’t have a lot of details. You’re really talking about having to make it look like it was made by somebody very specific…

Oh, and they’re obviously not like a real race car.

The 250 GTO is the most special car I’ve ever seen. It’s not a road car because nobody makes racing road cars.

Why do you have to go so heavy and so deep on your cars

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How do you draw a race car? – Car Pictures
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