How do you draw a ship? – Draw It Too Cars 2

It’s kind of easy. Just imagine a boat. With an opening down below and all of that stuff inside, if you have the right stuff, you can draw one. (laughs) I had an original idea for that. Actually, I took a copy of a map, and I filled it with a lot of stuff. I made a model of a ship and I drew inside of the vessel. When I finished, I found that it was kind of nice to have the walls inside of the vessel as well. That was kind of fun as well.

Weirdly, that’s one of the only pieces of concept art that I’m using for The Dark Below where it isn’t a model. I didn’t want it to be just an actual model. But sometimes that’s the only thing you can find out about a new kind of character.

HULLFISH: Are there any characters that you’re just always in love with?
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TALBOT: I have a love-hate relationship with Tyrest. He’s like the first human I’ve really done as a character.


TALBOT: That’s always a good way to start. I never want to use him up, but I always try to keep him around for a character that doesn’t really have the story with him yet. But he’s a really cool guy. I like that you can talk to him and you can hear him say things.

HULLFISH: Do you ever get to talk to the game’s designers?

TALBOT: Yeah, I am. I’ve seen the design process, and I’m actually really happy when I go to them with a new idea in my head that I really want to make. I think that there aren’t many people out there where you can. [Laughs]

HULLFISH: It’s been over five years since you first started, but you’re very much still writing the game.

TALBOT: Yeah, I am. [Laughs] The only difference now is if I make a game and people like it or like it and I’m happy with it…I’m still writing it. [Laughs] I just kind of give up on some stuff and go make more things. This is the first time where I’ve been like, “Okay, I’m going to put more time into it rather than just be like, ok, I’m not going to be

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How do you draw a ship? – Draw It Too Cars 2
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