How do you draw a simple gun?

You might take the same action that you would with a modern double-action revolver, but instead of pressing the rear of the trigger, the shooter pushes up into the grip with a push of the thumb on the trigger.

One of the things that you might notice when you first look at this gun that we’ve borrowed is that its trigger doesn’t have a safety like most firearms, even though it is still considered a ‘modern’ gun. It might not look very impressive. But there it is. And it gives you a better opportunity to feel the recoil than a simple lever-action of the form of a double-action revolver.

When you fire the gun, the hammer is fully cocked and unlocked; the hammer is still cocked when it is closed. It’s just that there is no mechanism to lock the hammer from firing. The only way to get locked is to remove the hammer.

The gun’s action is one-handed, like a modern double-action revolver. The trigger pull is long enough that the finger on both hand can be directly touched and felt by the trigger at the same time. So instead of taking your hand off the trigger with a full pull, you can instead take half a pull (or less).

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Also, the thumb on both hand is on the trigger at the same time, which makes it much easier to pull back on the trigger, especially when the gun is fired on a range. The thumb on the trigger is also a perfect place for the thumb to touch the firing pin, so there is no possibility of the firing pin being fired accidentally.

Because of the one-handed trigger, the shooter will be able to get the exact same action as if he were using a revolver. And you might find that you only have to pull the trigger once to fire the gun. That’s because the shooter does not have to hold on to anything to fire the gun. No hammer, no spring or anything else.

We are able to get the same action because it is one handed. A revolver always has a single-action trigger. The trigger of the current gun is actually the double action trigger. The other two fingers are used only to raise the hammer and then to drop it down. Because the trigger of the present gun is one-handed, the shooter should be able to get the same action with one hand as well as two.

With the old revolver, the shooter would have to pull both hands close to his body and then hold them

How do you draw a simple gun?
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