How do you draw a simple gun?

I think I could draw the most complex gun of all, a rifle. It’s a real complicated thing to do, but it’s also really simple.

In real life, you have a gun called an SMLE when you’re an amateur, or when you go out to practice. And in our game, you have a gun called a BFG with a gun rack that has 10 different guns, two SMLEs like you see here, and a BFG with all those 10 guns as well. And there’s also a shotgun. You do more shotguns if you want to. Just like real life, a real life gun is like a complicated toy. This is like a really simple toy and a really difficult game. It’s also really hard. You can do some things really well and some things really poorly. And that’s really my goal. My goal is to make every gun really easy to make, because we’ve been working on this project for a long time. If we get it all down, it will be really powerful.

So a few weeks ago I made it all the way to a certain point with four parts, which is like I say, this is the big part.

Now let me talk about the small parts here first. You can see the little holes all in here, like tiny little holes in this big piece like I showed earlier, so I can paint over any imperfections. I like to fill in this stuff by painting with a big brush, which I do with a little piece of black paint, and then I just fill in the corners, like on the right hand side of this model, before I get the small pieces. So what’s different between a paint gun from a professional? There’s a lot less paint. It’s really thin, and then it has this nice thin consistency, and I try to get a very thin layer. And then it has this amazing glossy sheen. It’s really hard to describe, but it’s really very glossy because it’s really transparent. But you can actually see all these little little dots and lines here. And that’s because the parts have a lot of paint in them, so the paint is on these little parts. It’s really thick.
Speed Form — GueDong KIM

But it’s also really thin. It’s really thin and it’s also really transparent. And then, it’s glossy. It’s all glossy and it’s really shiny. So it’s really smooth. It’s really a fun toy, and it’s just super accurate to reality

How do you draw a simple gun?
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