How do you draw a truck for kids? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video New Kids

Do you take the same model of big truck and make it smaller and smaller and more specific as your child grows? How do you figure out if your truck is bigger or smaller than you thought? Do you draw your truck on the outside of the box and then change your mind? Do you just go out and get the thing to go the way you want it to?

My son has been wanting to see his truck for as long as he can remember. (Sandy had asked, at one point, for an exact scale model to play with.) I’ve done a little drawing and layout work for him of a 2×4 truck, but this one’s been on my mind for a year and a half and I’ve been waiting till I had somewhere to put it for him.

After much consideration, I finally came up with a layout. And a photo shoot! (Not even on a computer though…)

Here he is in our studio at his old school.

I had a ton of questions. How long did it take? Can he do it? Is it too big? How hard will he have to work?

And so begins our series of questions that will take us through the process from beginning to end:

How long was this? What were the challenges? How many people did you need? And now, the real tricky one: Is it too big? Is he still going to have a hard time pulling it off? Will it work once it’s in the garage?

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for those kids in the comments on this post as well!

The Process

I spent several weeks laying out the plan of action on top of my old school! It took way more time than my computer would have allowed, but that was part of the job and I got to do it.

I drew out the entire layout page, taking into consideration all the angles and the spacing for the trucks and trucks on the sides of the box. I also included everything else on top that kids would see—the pictures, the trucks, the instructions, pictures of my son holding up the truck (for this project), and a number of other photos I have shot over the years while I was in the business.

I took photos of each step and then cut a hole for the picture I wanted to put on top. On this one, I’m using an old photo of my old daughter holding a truck up the driveway, and a few pics of my

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How do you draw a truck for kids? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video New Kids
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