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The process starts before the model is actually created.

How do you draw a turtle? The process starts before the model is actually created.

You might think it’s important to get the right look and style – when you add the head to the model; the proportions of the turtle are also going to be the right fit. But actually, there are three things that are a very important thing to add to a model before you can even start thinking about drawing it properly.

Let’s go through them.

First, the figure you’re going to paint is going to be quite important – but it doesn’t have to be the head of a turtle. It doesn’t have to be a fully developed model. It just needs to be a starting point. Think of a typical drawing of a turtle. In order.

In order.

The most important drawing part of the model is the head. We’re going to be using a very basic drawing, where we’ve got the model drawn before the head is even drawn. The head is very important – it needs to come into play in the drawing. But it also needs to come into play in the painting. The rest will only come into play when you’re actually ready to get into drawing details.

As we’ve already drawn the head of the model above; we could immediately take that and move it to the right position.

But, this doesn’t work. We’ve already drawn the position of the head in this drawing – we need to change the scale, just to reflect what we plan to add. To make this easier, take the head in your hands and try doing this in your head. Try drawing it, but with the head at the top of the body. Now, when you see the head drawn in the drawing, the proportions will feel right.

That was just the head – where does the head fit?

The neck is really important too. Now, we have to decide just where to place the neck in the head. To get a starting point, the neck will simply go straight down – no matter how long you have to stretch the model.

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So, it’s not so important for the neck to stretch out – it’s just to show the overall shape of the torso and where it fits in the overall figure. If it doesn’t fit into the overall shape, then it is probably not suitable to use in your model.

I’m talking right through.

If you have to stretch

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How do you draw a turtle? – Car Sketches
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