How do you draw a zebra? – How To Draw Car Step By Step For Kids

They aren’t a race. It’s just a color.”

It is, or was, a common belief that the origin of the American continent was the “Mountain of Fire,” a fire that smouldered for 2,000 years beneath the earth’s surface, burning its way for a while to the top of the Himalayas and, finally, to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The term “Mountain of Fire” has been found nowhere in the ancient texts of the Chinese and Indian religions, only in the “Manuscripts of the Indians.”

It has been speculated that at the bottom of that fiery ocean lie those who lived and perished there over 2,000 years ago. A group of ancient Japanese samurai in China during the 15th century claimed that a “wild beast,” or “Hokuto” — perhaps the mountain of fire — had once dwelt upon their island, but it must have then burned too soon for them to be able to live there.

So it looks to us as if something very special happened in the vicinity of the Pacific Northwest over the past 2,000 years. We would call it “the Great Pacific Flood.” The story, though, has been lost to history, and we really ought not to be surprised when this tale finds its way into the popular imagination.

According to myth, this Great Flood appears to have struck in the early spring of 656 B.C. During this first spring flood, an enormous volcano called Krakatoa erupted, with a force that caused the Pacific Ocean to suddenly burst open, and a wave of rainwater rising from the ocean poured down along the shore upriver. This torrent, of course, created the Pacific islands of Hawaii and Guam — the world’s largest island in the Pacific Ocean.

It is said that the volcano, which could no longer hold the water in, began bursting its roof like a balloon. The roof collapsed, and lava flowed out of deep within the volcano. This lava rose up and washed over the Japanese mainland and over the world. It covered almost everything on Earth in a blanket of water, and all living things were completely wiped out.

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There is nothing like the Great Pacific Flood in nature anywhere else on the planet, and it certainly cannot happen anywhere else at that time. In the Pacific Northwestern United States, the first recorded instance of its effects took place on February 3, 750 B.C. by about 100 inhabitants of a small island called Oahu who were suddenly covered with deep waters

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How do you draw a zebra? – How To Draw Car Step By Step For Kids
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