How do you draw an old truck? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video Nkotb Mixtape

This is actually something we don’t even do anymore on my show because I try to maintain some integrity, but I get asked it all the time. It’s like, “How do you draw a car?” “How do you draw a truck?” “How do you draw an elephant?”


Have you ever had any ideas for a book?

I have done a couple books. I’ve done like 500 and I could still draw a truck pretty well, so I would like to do another book someday about that. I haven’t done too much with that one.

You did a movie about an elephant, “The Last Tinker: The Dragon’s Trap.” Did you ever imagine that a movie about an elephant would inspire so much interest for a book?

For me, the thing that inspired most from them was when they made the movie. That’s the thing that inspired me. I saw it and I liked it. It has a kind of something that is just so special to me, or it’s so special to the film that it’s like, “Man, there’s no way that’s not going to be an amazing story.” You have to have something special to get an instant reaction from people. A book about a monster is like the same thing, to me, as an old truck. That’s what inspired me to do the idea that the monster was a truck. That’s what it was. And he just had the best story and that’s it. That’s what I thought. And so, that inspired me to create the book.

The Last Tinker: The Dragon’s Trap is about the legend of the dragon tussle at a fairgrounds, and you write that it’s probably not the most accurate depiction of the story. Are you surprised that it got so much attention?

When you’re making a book, you’re making a movie. It’s the same thing. “The Last Tinker” is based on real events. In fact, we’ve never been to Japan, we haven’t seen this movie before. So we’re going to read the story again from it. Because this is the original source, we’re going to get it right; we’re going to put the real elements in; we’re going to put the story in that is the best possible story, that is the most accurate story because it’s the only source. We’ve seen it and we’ve read it before. And then we’re going to go with it.

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How do you draw an old truck? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video Nkotb Mixtape
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