How do you draw cars? – Easy To Draw Cars Really Detailed And Easy Images To Draw

Is it like driving a rollercoaster? They’ve been kind of like that…

I don’t draw cars. I’ve never really drawn cars.

They’re like flying machines?

They are sort of like flying machines, but you are floating above the ground.

Is that how you envision the ride?

I don’t know. I don’t think about it. I do some stuff in my mind, but it’s all kind of in my head.

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What about your style? Do you like to do different kinds of paintings?

I like to do stuff that’s a little bit weird, or I just want to show you a glimpse of my crazy artistic side… I really like to paint.

When did you start painting like you’ve been doing here?

There’s a period when I was about nine…I was just painting in my art room, my art room was not big enough.

When did you paint that?

It was in the early ’90s, when I started painting really fast. There were really quick sketches and paint brushes going. Later, it became more serious.

How did the transition happen for you?

It became harder. Painting was easy for me because I always wanted to be famous and have a career and stuff like that so I could live life at a really high level. That’s what I wanted, but it’s not my style.

How many paintings have you done?

Well, I could do four or five! I’m sure it’s more. I keep making new paintings and I make a lot of good ones too. I’ve been doing them for a long time and I don’t really want to stop yet.

What have you been doing for the last ten years?

I’ve been doing a lot of painting. I’ll do a painting and then I just go on a trip; you know, going to the park, or going to another place. I have a lot of free time and I’m not going to spend it on my painting and I’m going to use it for fun.

A little about your family or your friends. How did you met your brother?

I don’t like to talk about that too much, because I’d tell you my real story because I don’t want to say anything that’d be really embarrassing.

Well, you’re really outgoing and outgoing and…

I’m a nice guy.

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How do you draw cars? – Easy To Draw Cars Really Detailed And Easy Images To Draw
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