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DALLAS LINDERMAN: The reason why I was originally drawn to comic books was to do comics, because I saw comic books and I saw how they did it and so I went to get my PhD at the University of Southern California, I had to take a ton of classes, so I had to do comics and they gave me a job drawing the comic book covers and so I did for about 10 years. And, I guess that was probably at the beginning of my career so it was at a time when I had a really strong interest in the subject. And then I just got interested in doing other things. I mean, I haven’t done anything like a comic book cover in, you know, ever.

I mean, this is the first comic book cover ever to be taken to the top of it’s own page. So it’s just such a feat.

Yeah, this is the highest thing ever.

I mean, Deadpool has been in the comics, what, ever 15 years or so?

And they’re not doing him anymore, right, but he was always very popular in every incarnation, from the ’80s, the ’90s and the early 2000s and now he’s been doing a lot of appearances. And yet it’s really nice, because they’ll put out like all the X-Men covers and Deadpool is sort of on the sidelines. And then a huge part of what they do is put out Deadpool. He should be on the front page of every comic.

He’s an interesting character. I know you were a fan of Deadpool. I know it was a major part of growing up with you, and yet there was this thing between us that you were kind of jealous of.

Yeah, you know, I always wanted him to do it. I always wanted him to get the cover of an issue. I was like, you know what? That’s my man. That’s my man. I know he can draw. It’s time. I was always saying like it’s my turn. It’s my time to lead the X-books.

It’s nice that you brought him in to the Marvel universe. He was always a character that people felt were really just like, “Well, he doesn’t like mutants, or he gets his hair cut in a terrible way,” and I always just thought, “Oh, I’m just going to be his comic book character.” Even though he’s a pretty big character and

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How do you draw Deadpool? – Draw Cars Like Chip Foose
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