How do you draw faces? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instructions For Adults

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” ” It’s just one of those things . No, it definitely has a purpose in my life. —Ethan Hawke describing his visual technique in an interview[9]

This is a technique from the drawing program Mathematica 2 that is an extension of the classic “wacom tablet” approach. The wacom tablet has many advantages and is a more efficient way of using your tablet in some other aspect of mathematics.

In an effort to emulate an easel on the mathematica tablet, Ethan Hawke designed an approach to drawing faces that can generate a number of faces for any desired angle, and can do so more quickly at a glance. The concept of “tiling” has been applied to this system as well.

It is worth noting that Mathematica already has a set of image functions which can be applied when drawing faces, albeit in a more limited way.

The process is simple:

Write a function that draws an arbitrary number of lines on the screen. Select the line at which the function would draw the face. The function is then called. Write a function that will draw a face based on a specified angle. Select a starting point and a starting angle for the face. Using this, the function can be drawn. Note that both the starting and ending lines will get filled in, and that the first number in the line will be the distance from the origin to the point where the line starts. Once this happens the function draws the face. The function may then be called a second time and the face’s starting point can be saved.

The functions are all in Mathematica. To run the program, simply call the MATTRANSPROFILE functions. Be sure to save the results before you start using the system. (The program also includes one to draw any image function, although it is too slow for practical use.)

The Mathematica software contains a number of examples of this approach at

A sample face:

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See also [ edit ]

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How do you draw faces? – How To Draw Cars Like A Pro Drawing Instructions For Adults
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