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A lot of it has to do with how you do your background. I think you’re looking at something like the picture on the right–this is my main picture for that book. I made the white background, and then after that I made the black background. I put a thick line of water in the middle, and I started my drawing with a pen. I drew this one. Here is a different picture. If you look closely–like you would really do this at a studio, you’re drawing like 20 lines at a time. It’s not just to look good, it’s to draw a good image. It is like trying to draw water.

There is an element of mystery in these drawings. When I went to a drawing course, they used drawings like these, which is a big draw. I learned to draw in that way, but even this drawing doesn’t convey that. So you can see my method; I’m not always drawing them perfectly.

I like to draw, but if I’m not being very precise or realistic I also draw weird things. I draw a lot of the time with a large line of water, with a little bit of a wavy thing, I draw a bunch of circles with water, and that’s it. If something is too hard or hard to draw or is something not very good, I use these little things. This drawing, if you go to my website, there is a lot of small things like that. It’s the same with the other images here that I made for the cover.

If I’m using my waterline to draw it, maybe I make a few circles with it with my pencil–it will come out better. But there is a sense of how I am using this line. It’s not my normal line, but it’s an aspect of my life so it’s part of what makes us unique. So when I drew these little things there is a sense that maybe I’m trying to capture that. And then you can draw a whole book from that drawing, without a pencil.

You’re drawing so much and putting things in the water.

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Right. It’s just a part of the way I see things. I think there’s something in me that does those things, but I would like to feel like I’m able to make it look real, and I feel like my drawing is different. Maybe it is a trickier thing or I’m just not having that much control.

When you started

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How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Cars 3 Tim Timtv
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