How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Sport Cars

Franklin is my pet; you’re always drawing him with his hands. If he was a real turtle I would draw it differently.

I know that you are fond of the turtle. Which turtle do you like better?

I always go with the one that looks good, for instance. In fact it’s the one with the big eyes and big legs.

And what is the best turtle costume?

I love the one made by Paul.

Do you have a favorite poem?

No, but I like everything that comes from Shakespeare, for instance.

Do you plan to produce more musicals?

I think so, but only with a bigger budget…I’m going to take my chances in China. I don’t want to lose the connection with the country. I know that when I go, I’ll always be with China.

Do you like the way the Chinese are portrayed on television?

I like the China portrayed on television, but not all the people.

Did you think that when you were working on the play it would be such a success?

I didn’t think that at all. It’s hard to imagine an actor working under such tight rules that he can’t perform his work. What makes his work work?

He must have an imagination. I hope that in a few years I’ll make more plays for TV. I also hope to work on the stage once more.

Is the play meant to show how things like war, poverty, and injustice should not be in the world?

It’s a play about an individual, about the individual’s actions on Earth, and the world, but everything we have created as a human being is a gift, and a curse, and it has come from God…we are the creatures of God. And God has given it to us. If we do not try to do good, the gift will not be worth the effort.

What kind of actors do you like?

Danish people…I have found actors from Denmark…they are very good at communicating with emotions and feelings in real life, and the way they play.

Is the “Erotic Comedy” as important as the “Passion Comedy”?

Yeah, because it is not the same act, it is a performance.

Can you explain how you would play the character of the actor in “Erotic Comedy”? Are you like David in “All

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How do you draw Franklin the turtle? – How To Draw Sport Cars
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