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There’s a rule of thumb that most people should try to avoid doing as much hair as they can. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to draw just a tiny bit for every person so even if their hair is thin or it’s frizzed (the best way to tell if your hair is fine is to take a look under a good microscope), they still look good.

So I was doing this last week when this hair looked the most gorgeous. Like a dream. I was so excited to take a peek under the microscope. What? It’s not a big enough amount for me to draw? No, no, this is it!! This looks fantastic and no mistakes. I’m so happy I’m finally able to draw this stuff.

Here are a few hair tips I learned from watching my mom draw:

If you think you’re looking too closely at the hair, do some quick hair straightening first. Then draw in the hair.

If the hair is frizzed, start slowly drawing by making small straight lines with your fingers.

If you can’t find the “hairline” you want, look in your mirror and draw around it.

If you draw the hairline, but can’t see it, start around it again, and draw a new line around it, even if it’s smaller.

Keep a close view of the hairs you’re drawing. Do they stick out and do they blend into the background or should you draw the hair in straight lines as a whole?

If you’re really impatient, do the hair in the middle. This has the possibility of looking messy after awhile.

Use the same technique to draw the hair you want to draw. I drew some of my hair with this technique so it was great for drawing hair on my eyebrows and chin.

For a detailed tutorial on hair straighteners here’s the video.


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How do you draw hair? – How Do You Draw Cars Small
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