How do you draw lips? – How To Draw A Sports Car

What does an artist do with the lips? What are they supposed to look like, what are their expressions and what are the poses?” he asks. “They’re supposed to be a little bit uncomfortable, like a little bit of an upset.”

While a lot of the time, the process of drawing the lips may seem effortless, the process is not, for many artists, that simple. “When I look at people’s mouths, I can instantly tell if I’m having an orgasm or a mouthful of something,” says Jardine. “There are so many things to consider and there’s more to work with than just the mouth. There’s the whole facial structure.”

Jardine began working as an artist at 17 to draw cartoons in New York City’s prestigious magazine Cartoon Week. He worked alongside cartoonist Jim Lee for most of his life, collaborating on characters like The Punisher, The New Mutants and Justice League International. Since retiring in 2007, Jardine has continued to draw, both in his own style as well as on comics like the X-Men and The New X-Men of the 90’s, a series that Jardine hopes to reboot with a brand new creative team.

To that end, Jardine worked with former collaborator Dave Stewart to write and draw the upcoming series and a cover for issue #1 in the upcoming June-August 2017 issues of X-Force. Now, Jardine is trying to figure out how to turn a project like X-Force into a full-fledged series with an established creative team. “I’d love to do it, but I need to figure out how to do it with some consistency,” he says. “I love the people at Vertigo working with the X-Men. I think it could be really cool for the X-Force title. But I am doing my best to find a home for X-Force.”

Jardine may soon find himself working in the field of comic books once again, but until that happens, he’s still on his own.

Image via Vertigo Comics

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How do you draw lips? – How To Draw A Sports Car
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