How do you draw lips? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video

It isn’t something I ever did. And my nose isn’t as well defined as some people. I didn’t draw my mouth like you’ve heard many singers do.”

“Oh, I understand!” says the singer, laughing. “I’ve heard you do it so much, I’m surprised you didn’t get a better picture!”

“Why are you laughing? I know it’s silly, but you’re always having silly ideas!”

“I’m not,” says the singer. “I’ve got a better idea.”

“What?” says the singer again, “you don’t think you sound funny?”

“No, I thought I sound funny,” says the singer, “but I’m not a comedian.”

“I suppose I’m not a musician, but I want to know what you did with that thing. I want to do a picture in that shape.”

“That sounds horrible! I can’t do a picture.”

“So don’t,” says the singer, laughing. “I think I’ll do it. I know that’s not the way to do it, but I’ve got a better idea, so I want to do it.”

“So it’s too bad it’s not the way to do it?”

“No, not at all!” says the singer. “I have a better idea. But you just want to laugh right now. Maybe you can understand a little better than I do what I think you’re really thinking.”

“Maybe you think I think something stupid,” says the singer, laughing. “But I’m actually very happy I found a better idea than yours.”

“It’s not your idea,” says the singer. “It’s mine, a joke that I’ll tell, to anyone if I want to. And it’s your idea I’m thinking about. And what’s this about a picture?”

But the singer is not amused. “What about this?” he asks.

“Well, how about I just make you laugh? I’ll give you a picture of you with your mouth open if you’re ready. And it will be funny too!” he says, getting up.

She rises very quickly. The singer goes to the table and picks up a brush and a brushbook. “Oh, God!” she says, jumping up and down; “I need a picture! I need a picture!”

“Yes, you do,” says the musician with a

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How do you draw lips? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Video
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