How do you draw realistic lips? – Cool Things To Draw Cartoon Food Mini Chopper

I like to use a palette knife like this one . It is sharp enough to cut through skin when used with a soft brush. That’s why you should always use natural lip colors.

What is the one thing you feel you’re missing about your lips?

It’s not all bad, but a lot of my work is all over the place. I do like a softer lip color and that’s probably why I used to use MAC eyeshadows for a good time, but now I’m just a lot more happy just using my own.

You’ve done a lot of lip paintings over the years. Do you think it’s just a matter of personal style?

It does take a lot to make a good lip-art look. Just look around you… You’ll notice that lots of people can’t keep their lips sealed, which is probably a good thing. You could keep your lips sealed just by washing a few times. That way, you won’t get a red or sour spot after all those cleanses, and then a few minutes later you might be looking for it.

How do you do the lip art?

You can use makeup or pencil-art, but usually you won’t. You’ll probably add mascara in between lip paint, but that doesn’t mean you’re not using Photoshop to pull out the eye-candy.

How do you find your eyes?

I use the trick from my friend Ewan McGregor : He’ll draw the lines on their eyelids before painting. I find the lines to be very clear, but it’s not so clear on their outer-lips, so I leave them as they are.

But when you’re painting them, don’t go too far : it will look silly! I’m not sure what kind of makeup he was using, but it’s better to do a test first.

A great quote from your book: I’m trying to paint my face like this in order to look a little better than I actually am. I can’t help it, though, because a lot of the time I’m doing it for me. It’s the only way I can do it.

What’s your next project?

No, this might be the wrong question. This time, I’m really interested in doing a portrait of my mother, so I want to get a really good shot. I also want to make an album of my favorite photos. As for the rest… Well,

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How do you draw realistic lips? – Cool Things To Draw Cartoon Food Mini Chopper
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