How do you draw the back of a car? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Origami Butterfly

The back of a car is made up of four walls. You need to draw the back side of the car (side facing you).

The back of a vehicle, with the front of the vehicle face up, can be easily seen by using the sides. A side facing north faces the direction of travel. So the directions to the north and south are north and south (southbound). The east and west facing sides should also be clearly seen.

Use a straight line or the corners of a triangle as a guide to trace the line across the car.

Draw the front and rear sections of a car using a straight line, the rear of the car facing the direction of travel.

Draw all windows on a car’s front and rear sections, using a straight line and the corners of a triangle.

Find a suitable location to trace the line onto the interior of an automobile and trace a line down the underside of the automobile, and the sides of a car.

Using straight lines

For safety, a straight line is safer than a triangle. A straight line draws only a straight line.

A triangle forms a circle to draw a circle using only a straight line on one side.

The corners of a triangle form a small circle shape that draws a circle on the opposite side using only a straight line.

Example: The figure on the left shows a triangle with two corners. A rectangle, on both sides, is drawn around the circumference of the circle.

Using the side of a vehicle

Use the side of a vehicle to determine if it contains the rear or side of the vehicle. This is called a side view. The shape of the underside does not matter. It is the shape of the undercarriage, the vertical and horizontal bars of the bodywork that determine a motorist side view. So if the vehicle’s undercarriage is vertical there will be a side view, and if horizontal there will be no side view.

However, the shape and position of the undercarriage, the height of the wheels and the width of the tyres does not matter.

In a car that has no interior, it is impossible to know whether it has the side view or the front or rear view.

Drawing the side of a car using a side view

Draw the sides of a car on the underside of a floor, a wall, or a tree.

In drawing the side of a car from the underside of a floor

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How do you draw the back of a car? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Origami Butterfly
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