How do you draw the back of a car? – Step By Step Lamborghini Drawing

Do you start from the front, or go back through the frame to the rear when you are at the garage?”

Holli was also asked how he draws the back of a car when “it is going through the middle of the frame to the rear” and “you are going to have no front edge on the car.” He replied, “I start from the front, I go back and the front edge of the car, so I draw, and I would like it to be drawn in that way and to be as precise as possible.”

Holli also explained he draws the rear of the Corvette to show how it is going back through the chassis. He was even asked if he draws the front or front side of a car, but he said, “I prefer to draw the back where it is actually going through.”

Holli also explained to the committee in detail how and when he draws the sides of his Corvette C6.R. when he does not have his head tilted down to the side of the vehicle like in the picture below:

Holli’s experience is so detailed from car to car, that you can see that he draws the side of the Porsche Panamera ZE9 (above) correctly too. The image below shows how he draws the sides of the Ferrari 458 Spider:

There are plenty of more interesting answers from the testimony. For example, Holli explains who he draws for a particular car when he makes arrangements to have a service vehicle take out his car. He is then ready to leave his Corvette running during a service drive when he needs the driver to turn into his driveway.

Holli also explains to the committee that he’s not “going to put on an orange cone before me” to make sure he’s getting the right work done for his customers, but is more like, “I’m going to ask you to move the center of the cone, so that I see it through to you. I’m going to put on the orange cone so that I see it through to you, because when I come to you, I’m ready to take you home. I’m going to take you home by the time you start the car.”

Another example of this is when he’s getting a set of tires properly set before he goes on a service drive: “I will go and take the set in front of you to the back of the service vehicle where I’m going to get them all set up again; that’s what I

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How do you draw the back of a car? – Step By Step Lamborghini Drawing
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