What should I draw ideas? – How To Draw Cars 3 Lightning Mcqueen Crash Flipped

What can I do?

Here’s how I look when I’m in a creative mood (a good time to ask these questions is in the afternoons when the work really starts to feel like an adventure and all the time when we’re at home with our kids!) When I’m in creative mood I usually sit down, with my kids, and draw something new. I have two main approaches to this. The first is what I call “the flow-to-flow approach”; which means I use my flow—which is my way of being with my kids and seeing what they’re imagining; drawing, writing, saying, and playing; then I start to flow back into drawing or writing. The second is a more structured approach, like what I would call an “acto-flow approach”. Which means I really start to feel good at a certain point—I feel I am making a choice, which I then turn into a movement—I start to feel excited and happy, and I then take on the task of being excited.

This is a really great exercise, and if you look at the book or video tutorial you can really see it in action. In fact, I had this teacher during the years of my training who used it to great effect. His whole work life was one flow-to-flow approach. I didn’t feel rushed at all; when done right, it can be a really great way to keep drawing. But I must say that I don’t practice this in the real world very much because if I have too many ideas I find it very difficult to stick with any of them, particularly when it’s going well. So my practice is probably to have plenty more things to draw, rather than just one or two to do.

I would also encourage you to take note of the time you spend in your home, while you’re drawing, with your kids. There’s a couple of things that will help you. First, the idea of setting up the space and not leaving anything unfinished is a way of letting your kids know their place, and then letting them work it out all on their own.

Second, I usually start the flow, which means I do the following things:

I try to see the world through their eyes

It’s so easy to become fixated on what is done so long that the only thing you can focus on is what is being done, as if you’re just watching your child, so I try to be flexible.


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What should I draw ideas? – How To Draw Cars 3 Lightning Mcqueen Crash Flipped
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