What to get a kid who likes to draw?

A pencil and paper.

A pencil and paper

A student with creative interests who wants to build a business can apply to a variety of community college art programs.

For starters, you must have at least a bachelor’s level of arts in fine art. Or the skills to create a custom design on a standard legal pad. Or an appreciation for good drawing, as well as a solid grasp of basic graphic design principles.

For the more advanced art students, you’ll need at least two years art history, art history courses, and a bachelor’s-level art degree in a related field or with an internship to follow. Your degree should also be in graphic design, art history, color theory, and composition.

How to get a student who likes to draw? A pencil and paper, of course, but a bit more flexible than, say, a school’s art therapy program.

The school

With hundreds of schools on the market, find one that appeals to you and your student’s interests, as well as fits your local community.

For a free, no-obligation “start-up tour” of some of the best community colleges, run by our experts, visit the University Directory for details on what’s free and what’s not.

TUCSON, Arizona – A gunman opened fire during a Tucson, Arizona, rally against Islamophobia Friday, killing five people and injuring 13.
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Five people were killed when a gunman opened fire in a rally against Islamophobia near the U.S. border with Mexico. He was later found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot, according to local police.

Fox News reports that the gunman in the Tucson incident died of a self-inflicted gunshot. Police have not yet identified a specific motive. However, a law enforcement source told Fox News the shooter “is believed to have been a white male with dark skin.”

The shooter opened fire at the rally in Mesa. Fox News reported that police said at least two shooters were involved and the shooter was the only one. Police had no immediate word on a motive.

The shooter is reported to be a white male. It is unclear how many were shot by police or how many died.

President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Louis Farrakhan told Fox News, “It’s an outrage. We all mourn the loss of innocent lives.”

He said the shooting took place “on our nation’s soil

What to get a kid who likes to draw?
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