What to get a kid who likes to draw?

Check this out: you can use a regular pencil for one, and a fine-point, medium-size pencil or pencil sketching pad for the rest.

This one is pretty basic, so there will be no tutorial. Just start coloring the picture on whatever board you wish. For those who prefer to look a bit more artistic, you can make a very basic, and rather difficult to draw, star. The next section will walk you through the rest of the steps.

Step 5 – Sketching

As with drawing an image, you can also begin sketching while coloring. This is a great project to teach kids to “see” what they do. Just get a few colors on a piece of paper to start.
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Draw an outline like this. The lines will be black for this part. Then draw lines to the edges and bottom.

Draw some color in between the lines. I chose to make the color a solid color.

Once you have a basic, sketchy sketch, draw a line out between them.

Take a few more lines between each of the two, then draw two more lines. Take these two lines and make them thicker.

Repeat this process and you should have a sketch that resembles a star with a lot of stars. Draw another line between the two and repeat the process. Your sketches will be a bit different every time, but it is important to keep them moving in the same vertical direction, so they do not end up looking like a line. Once you have enough sketches, start working on making them bigger and making them more interesting.

Step 6 – Paint

Once you have your sketchy sketches, it is time to paint. Paint the white star on the pencil in small, small dots. Start off each dot in the same place, then move it in one direction each time. The goal is to get a simple, simple drawing of your white, square star.

After a few minutes of painting, turn your attention to the final piece of the star. Pick up your paintbrush and start to draw the shape of my white star. Try to follow the stroke and try to get the shape very smooth and clean, but careful not to overdo it.

Once you have got the shape, you can now start adding any colors you would like in the top and bottom, or in the lower layer in the middle of the piece.

Using the same method as before, apply paint to each of the different layers

What to get a kid who likes to draw?
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