Are quarter horses faster than thoroughbreds?

No, not at all. They are very similar. The difference is in how the horses are trained. Quarter horses, although they need to have a long run to gain the same level of stamina as thoroughbreds, are not as active and are not used to such a long run.

How fast can I run?

This depends on your skill level. The fastest quarter horse can run 3 times faster than the fastest thoroughbred in sprinting. They can run at around 2 times the pace of a thoroughbred in sprinting. The fastest quarter horse is able to run a quarter mile in 12.7 seconds. There is no speed limit.

How does it feel to have a quarter horse in your lap?

Great. The horse is warm. He is so close to you and this feels so good. I am grateful for every second of each lap.

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My friend’s daughter brought me a horse. How long does it take to bring one home at home?

The process will vary greatly based on the number of horses and length of the trip. It may take two to three times as long to get a horse home as a full sized car.

Can you tell me your experience?

I am lucky to have worked every day in the horse industry my entire life. When I left the industry in 1994, I was an Assistant Manager for General Motors’ (GM) International Finance division. It was a rewarding job that involved working closely with our dealers, our suppliers and our customers to help our clients deliver higher quality and superior services at a competitive price.

For over 20 years, I taught many young women in South America and Asia how to ride horses and develop a personal relationship with their horses. Over the last seven years, my experience has expanded beyond just horses and has brought me far afield in my interest as a person and a horse owner.

I believe my passion for horses and the many experiences that I’ve gained in the past 15 years have prepared me to continue to share my passion with others as a personal coaching, teaching and horse trainer. As a result, I believe I have a unique perspective on the horse owners involved in today’s horse racing industry, their unique challenge with the horse owners that they have and their unique opportunity to provide a level of care and service that is very rare in the industry. When my clients ask me how I became involved or learn from me, I offer the following thoughts:

My family is very old-fashioned

Are quarter horses faster than thoroughbreds?
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