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What are good odds for horse racing? – Horse Racing Nation 2018 Kentucky Derby Field

Let’s start by looking at the odds associated with each of the major horse racing events. These are not the best odds, especially considering that they depend primarily on horse, racing and betting conditions. To help you better understand what’s behind these odds, we’ve made a quick chart that you can compare and contrast the […]

How many bets are there in Canada? – Penn National Horse Racing Tonight

And who wins? Canada has a rich tradition of international football—especially in the National Football League—and is a key player and promoter of international sports throughout North America. In the CFL, there have been multiple leagues that operate across North America, most notably in the National Football League (now played in two separate formats) and […]

Why do race horses have their tongues tied? – Horse Racing Games Play For Free Online

Most people agree that racehorses must be given a little leeway. In a study published in the journal Nature, Cornell researcher James McAdams, Ph.D., found that a racehorse used “a more flexible language of communication than other animals.” One theory about how a racehorse is able to talk with both men and women is based […]

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