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No, because it’s a big pain in the ass to be out in the open most of the time.


It depends exactly if we’re riding a stallion or a mare, because a mare doesn’t usually like going in the saddle unless she’s with the rider. So a mare is pretty much never in an upright position right after a horse falls.

So yeah, it depends on what age the horse is.

I want to see horses go.

Yeah, yeah.

You want to see horses go?

I see a horse that goes. But I will put it in a stall. I don’t want to see it go in the other direction, either.

No, no. Not at all. Horses are like cars. When they drive it, they don’t like to do anything else. But if they’re driving a train, they’ll try anything to make it to the next station. So yeah, sure. Horses are the same way.

What about the horses that were trained to do it for you?

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Well, they all wanted to, right? I guess there are some dogs that will do it. These dogs, they really like riding horses. They even want to try and stay behind the horses. They’ll try to get a little bit under the saddle of the horse.

Horses, horses, horses. Horses are very emotional animals, aren’t they?

Yes. They are very emotional animals. They have feelings like we do, whether it’s love or hate or anything that we really don’t have any emotions about. And they love the person that they ride and they know that they’re going to be okay. They really love the rider, too, no matter what happens.

What about this whole idea of the horse as a symbol?

I’m kind of interested in that.


Well, the horses are a symbol of everything that’s good or bad. I think it’s a very powerful symbol for people, especially in America. But I also think the symbols of horses have gone away a little bit, in some ways.

I see. You know what, for the most part, horses are just living things. So it’s the symbol of what’s good, or what’s bad, isn’t it?

I understand that. I mean, horses have more feelings than we do. We’re just too dumb to

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Do horses feel the whip? – Sky Sports Horse Racing Tips
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