Do the whips hurt the horses? – Horse Racing Odds Today William Hills

[Laughs] They won’t? And do you know why? Because in order to whip a horse, you have to put a hole in their skin at the base of the neck. And once they fall down on the ground, they’ll have a big hole in their neck. They’ll suffer from this for the rest of their life. So that’s how the whip works. The horse falls on the ground. The whip sticks in the horse’s skin. A whip-maker who’s just got his own horses will whip around until they’re sore and swollen, until they’re covered with sores, until they die of old age.

That is the true nature of a whipper.

It’s because he works so hard on them. He trains them to have pain. He doesn’t want them to be free. He wants them to be free and healthy, to keep on fighting and to fight their way around, like cats. [Laughs]

I think that’s the main reason that most men are attracted to whips. There’s something about the way they hold the whip over their body that’s so incredibly powerful. It’s a lot like those whips that people use for their cats or the ropes and chains that we use for things. They’re very simple, but the impact it makes in the animal world, in the human world, is profound.

The horse is the most important animal that you’ve ever seen in The Hobbit, but that’s not to say that it isn’t also the most dangerous.

The horse is the most dangerous in one thing only: it’s incredibly strong. I didn’t want it to be weak. If this animal was only one pound strong, it’s already got the strength to crush anything with its mouth. But that’s not what keeps it alive. That’s the horse’s ability to use its limbs.

In order for a creature like this to survive, there’s a lot of work that goes into keeping him alive on and off the farm.

In the Northlands they still do hand-to-hand combat. The Northlanders would beat the horses to death with swords before they’d even take them for a ride. In order to keep them alive on the farm, you need to have a few trained horses that will fight at your side.

It seems like the biggest threat to these animals is the people at the beginning of the book, who are also the scariest and most ruthless.

I think in The Hobbit

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Do the whips hurt the horses? – Horse Racing Odds Today William Hills
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