Do the whips hurt the horses? – Live Horse Racing Today On Tv

A: Yes, but one whip can also use the other to kill off multiple horses.

A: I agree.

Q: How many horses are killed with each whipper?

A: The whips are a lot more efficient if they’re used with multiple whippers. So each whipper must have an effective killing range of approximately 5 meters if you’d like to use them on more than one horse.

Q: Do the horses suffer more after they’re stabbed with a whipper?

A: The main purpose of the whips is to kill off multiple horses. So killing a horse in one whipper causes the horse to suffer a killing stroke on the next whipper but it doesn’t matter how long the horse has been alive.

Q: I’m playing a real-time strategy game using whips. What is the best way to use them to kill multiple horses in my game?

A: You can use a whipper as a short-range kill switch, as in this example: In the video for this tutorial you might see me killing up to the point when you start to see a bunch of Whipping Whirps. If you don’t have enough speed/attack power to kill all the horses in under 1 second, it is better to wait for them to come close to each other and then shoot them before continuing to whirl through each horse. Also if you have enough speed then you should be able to continue to whirl through most of the horses before your attacks stop.

Q: What is the minimum distance between whips and the horse?

A: A good rule of thumb is that when both whips are 10 meters or fewer from the horse, it’s a good idea to run and attack it first before using whippers.

Q: What do we do in case of a whipper explosion?

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A: Most times one does not need to run because even if you run then you are still far enough away that the explosion will do nothing to your horse. That only happens if the player tries to run and not to whirl. If the player runs and tries to whirl through each of the horses then they do not have enough time to run away and only the explosion will hit them.

Q: What does that feel like when I attack with 3 whips at once?

A: This feels like someone is stabbing something in my spine.

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Do the whips hurt the horses? – Live Horse Racing Today On Tv
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