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He succumbed to the effects of alcohol, according to court records.

The family sent their condolences.

On Aug. 7, 2013, the restaurant held a memorial service in Seabiscuit’s honor.

“He was one of us, and this is what we miss the most about him,” Seabiscuit’s dad, Michael, told WND.

“If he had lived, I would have had five kids, six, seven grandchildren … he was the life of the party,” Michael Seabiscuit said.

“We are just numb with loss.”

Is Seabiscuit’s death like that of Charlie Gard?

That’s not clear.

In March, Gard was admitted to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, England, for treatment of what they said was a rare and severe form of cancer.

Gard was transferred to another hospital after his family asked for him to be placed in the U.S.

Charlie’s mother, Connie Yates, wrote on May 18 that she couldn’t “put into words” how she felt.

“It has hurt so much … that Charlie’s fight has started, that I can be there but now this has ended and everything is so new,” Connie Yates wrote.

“The thoughts about not being my son’s first, or only, or only second, are a nightmare. What about his other children and grandchildren … his next-of-kin, his niece and nephews, I really can’t put into words. I want to.”

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But the case has been widely covered in the United States and in British tabloids, highlighting the dangers of medical marijuana for children.

Is Seabiscuit’s death similar to Charlie’s?


One difference is that Seabiscuit was shot. Charlie was not, according to court records.

“The shot is the same; there’s no way of knowing,” Michael said.

He said that he can’t imagine what the family went through with Charlie because none of that was ever on his mind.

So the shooting wasn’t like the Gard case.

Michael Seabiscuit believes doctors should have known something was wrong, despite a ruling that the toddler should be given cannabis oil to quell his seizures.

“Somebody should have known something was wrong here,” he said.

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How did Seabiscuit die? – Horse Racing Videos Youtube
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