How do you pick a horse to win? – Horse Racing On Tvg

It is simple. Pick the best damn horse. That is why I have been betting on horses for as long as I can remember. All the money I have ever lost has been on horses and I can tell you that there is a certain kind of horse that always wins. There are not many, and they are not easy to find. When you watch a horse take off and you catch up with him, all you can see is a horse with his eyes closed like a dead pig. That is not what you should be looking at. Now you come around, and that is when it is time to choose a horse to win.

I don’t know all the ins and outs of betting on horses and I don’t make it my business to do it. I am a retired bookie, and I keep my mouth shut so as to not ruin my odds. I do the money-maker thing with horse-nodding when I am not betting on horses, but I am sure that I have heard the phrase before and I will repeat it now because its true: Money wins, no matter where it comes from .

The fact that I can win big money on a horse, and do it by betting is quite as thrilling as the thrill of winning. I tell you that I have done it on many horses. I have bought, sold and been broke before. I have also lost, but never on a horse that I have actually bet on. I know when I go to an equestrian show and I have been there twice when my horses are in the show, that at least some of the other people have lost, and I was right. I have never lost money on a horse I bet on. I tell you this only because there are many people with a lot more money on them than me, and if I tell you that it will upset the balance, you will think I am a nut. I have a lot more money on me than most people have and I will tell you that when I go out and beat the odds, you’ll ask me to take it away from you.

When I have finished talking, you’ll ask me how I do it all. Here’s how I do it. I like to go through the process and to see the horse. It takes me five minutes at a time to get through everything. I take off his eyes, the nose, the mouth, the claws and the feet and I examine his hands and the leg joints and the muscles that pull the legs together,

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How do you pick a horse to win? – Horse Racing On Tvg
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