How do you play knockout in basketball? – Horse Racing Calendar 2020 Ireland

Are you a high roller just to look good on TV?

A: No. For me, I’d do it for the money. It would never be for the publicity. It would never be about, “Wow, I got to be on TV. I got to be on ESPN.” I’ve known for a long time that the only thing I would do for money was win a couple of games and go home. It’s a good thing that people think I am so good because that’s not what I do.

Q: Do you think you can improve?

A: I don’t know. I’m working on it. But I don’t think I’m that good and I don’t think I can become better. I’m just trying to stay in shape, try to make it.

Q: What do you think is your biggest flaw?

A: Playing from behind, that’s one thing. The other is coming off screens, and I need to learn to be a good free throw shooter and become better at shooting.

Q: How much of your style is dictated by your father?

A: Not all that much. He does most of the speaking or talking. He does give me advice, and sometimes it’s just stuff like: “You get to play better now.” He was the toughest on me in the NBA. He would constantly speak and just make me work harder than I had ever worked for. So I was trying to find the right place to learn from him because I was always striving to be the best, or, I wanted to be great. He had a lot to do with it because he was so intense and had a lot of knowledge about basketball. Not too much, just some good advice.

Q: Do you have other brothers, any big brothers?

A: No. I have only one brother, so to speak. I just try to keep it a tight circle of family.

Q: Is there a basketball connection at home?

A: Not really. My sister went to college and my dad didn’t like that, but that’s something that will never happen. It’s one of those things that you hear from his kids, that’s how that was in our family.
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Q: Has it become more serious at all?

A: In the league, you feel more pressure. You get to play so much on the court. If my little brother plays basketball, that makes me go crazy

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How do you play knockout in basketball? – Horse Racing Calendar 2020 Ireland
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