How do you play Lightning basketball? – Horse Racing Triple Crown Usa

Jill Roeser: Playing basketball is more complicated, not only because that is an art form, but the game is more of a team-oriented game. If you are playing with only three players, you have to understand what goes on on the other team’s floor and how to deal with that situation. It’s not just a matter of who can do what, but it’s the whole team’s job to understand the game and play the game in the manner that is best suited for each teammate.

What is the biggest misconception people have?

The biggest misconception is that you have two players – a shooter and a defender – who both shoot the ball. The other misconception is that it is the same size of the ball. The ball is made of several different materials, including plastic, rubber and steel, as well as carbon. It’s all made of the same substance which increases the size and weight.

Where do you learn the game?

I am not a certified coach, I do know how to play basketball, what skills I need to understand and how to coach.

How would you describe the Lightning’s style of play?

It’s very fast with a lot of quick dribbles and quick passes.

What type of style is successful?

All the styles have strengths and weaknesses. The style that works best for the Lightning is one where every player knows, understands and plays the game in their favor.

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How do you play Lightning basketball? – Horse Racing Triple Crown Usa
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