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How do I rate riders?

The most common question about horse racing is:

“How do you rate horses?”

To answer this question, we will focus on the most frequent aspect of evaluating horses: horse rating. In the following sections, we will explore many of the basic concepts surrounding the grading of a horse. The discussion will also explore the various methods of evaluating horses, and will cover the process of the best horses of all time and the best of all time of all time.

1. Horse Rating

The horse rating system involves determining the level of an animal, based upon the level of the horse and the performance of the horse in competition. While the concept of a horse rating system was first formulated for equine sports in England, horses have been used in racetracks and on tracks since the early 1900s. While the concept of a horse rating system was first developed in England, horses from any country can use the same system and use it equally.

There are two major components of the horse rating system, the “class” and the “franchise.” To determine the class, a horse must have performed within the top five to ten percent in a two-horse race. For example, two-and-a-half year-old horses are usually classified in the “C” class. A “C” animal can do much better than the average “1” to “2” horses even though the overall performance is lower. The rating system only considers four basic factors when determining a horse’s overall grade:

The age of the horse.

The maturity and ability of the horse in competition.

How much effort the horse put into the performance.

How quickly a horse learns new tricks.

2. The Franchise

The franchise is a formula to use for the classification of an entire class of four horses in a two-and-a-half year-old race. The idea for the franchise formula is that once the “C” horse is in competition, the “C” horse becomes the “franchise” for all of the remaining races.

As explained in Section 5, the purpose of the franchise is to give the owner a better opportunity to win races against a handicapped opponent. As the team pursues victory, it will increase in speed, become more confident and improve in skills. At the end of each race, the franchise would calculate the winner based on the best horses in the race. For example, if

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How do you rate horses in racing? – Horse Racing Today At Belmont Time
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