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Horse racing is a skill in which a rider can be trained to be able to hold speed and control at high speeds, which has to do with their ability to control the horse as they race up steep hills with little margin of error – just like in football where the player’s ability to control the ball as they shoot or dodge the ball. Some horses have been bred to develop a high degree of control and speed at very high speeds (or high speed riding training horses or even faster versions of speed horse breeds like “tireless”).

But if there is too much weight on the horse’s back then if it’s over-heated it will begin to go into shock during the ride. This is caused by the horse feeling hot and the legs swelling up as they get very hot. If too much weight is in the horse’s legs then it may have to be re-assessed, because they’re very hardy.

A horse that has had too much weight put on and then rode too fast, or was overweight, will tend to give up on the race. If too much weight remains on the horse over the course of the race then it can begin to go down a lot, which can lead to crashes and injuries if the horse over-reacts for the ride.

You can tell that a horse has become very overweight or over-heated if it appears as though it’s going to stall or give up on the race with the rider. This is very unusual, and the rider needs to try and give the horse a chance to recover quickly if only to get them home.

How much weight will horse racing weights need?

As much as 20-30kg. Some horses are able to carry weights up to 40kg and so it’s important that they’re not heavy enough to overheat that the horse may crash or otherwise not be able to recover. In the US we have a maximum weight limit of 10kg on the horse.

What happens if you over-weight or overweight your horse?

The first thing to avoid problems is a weight that’s too much to the point that it will begin to give up on its race, for example if the rider sits down with a horse too tired to start the race and then the horse gets up too quickly or if the horse is too large for its rider, then that weight can actually stall the horse instead of moving the horse or making it easier for the rider to control. The horse can then be re-assessed

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How does weight work in horse racing? – Horse Racing Live
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