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What about the rest of the animal kingdom?

When considering the numbers, the number of animals that die each day depends upon three factors:

The amount of time that animals spend in the wild. This usually increases with age. The age of the animal. The number of years it spends in the wild.

To figure this out, we simply count the days a wild animal stays active in the wild before leaving (not necessarily in the same habitat, as the animals vary in size, breed, and size of habitat). We add together its age and the length of time it spent in the wild, and we get what we consider the total number of animals in the wild at one time.

Note that this number includes any animals that die of natural causes – like infection or injury – and does not include animals that have died during competition, contests, training, or hunting.

For example, I could easily imagine a horse with 15 years of experience that would die of natural causes when it became too old to compete anymore. Likewise, an adult wild elephant living in the wild would have 15 years of experience before it died of natural causes.

One possible drawback to this calculation is that it is impossible to know the age of every wild animal. The age of animals varies from animal to animal and season to season. If in a given season most wild animals are too young to compete, and other wild animals grow too old to continue in the same season, these animals may not be counted.

What are the other things we can count?

The number of wild horses in the wild

There may be more than 50 billion wild horses worldwide. The vast majority of these could be counted as horses – as well as any other species. Since we are talking about horses, we will do the next best thing: counting them.

In 2006, in the US alone, the National Park Service counted about 14.9 million wild horses in its national parks. Of those, 4.8 million were found living in state parks. For every horse in a national park, there are 1 horses living elsewhere.

It is extremely difficult to count these creatures because they are all highly mobile, which limits their numbers to a narrow geographical area during the summer. If the number of horses in a given area were significantly higher, an estimate of how many horses are there in the state in question would increase substantially.

How many animals are killed in horse racing?

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How many horses die a year in horse racing? – Horse Racing Entries Belmont
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