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That is, how many horses die in any one race. The official answer is 10% as the average number of horses per racing season. What this means is that in this specific instance, if the number of horses was 20, for a grand total of about 400 horses, the horses could be out of the race for at least one race each season.

The more horses that die at any one racing season, the more money (if not more) gets thrown around in the sport and the more exposure the sport gets. Thus, the more of the money that dies, the more racing will be done, the more spectators will watch, the more television and public awareness will grow, etc. The only downside to that money? Less raceable horses and a loss of track management and equipment, etc. That money has to go somewhere!

One of the challenges many designers have in designing their web applications is getting their content to look good and make people feel good. A great example of this is the responsive design of the website for a company in Toronto.

Responsive design involves thinking that an application needs to make use of a wide variety of screen sizes and screen densities. This makes sense when the entire screen is used but when screens or specific sections of the screen are particularly large or small the design needs to have a wider variety of content on them.

As we’ll see, the example used over 60 different types of content. Some common items included:

• A calendar showing dates of the upcoming year

• A calendar showing dates of the upcoming month

• Email notifications

• A weather forecast

• A news article

• A video clip from a documentary

• The Wikipedia pages associated with a company’s logo

So far so good, but how big of a screen should the application contain? It’s easy to see the problem here. Imagine you started working on a project and suddenly it was time to redesign the website and you wanted to do this with a new layout. You have to think and decide the best and most suitable screen size based on what users will be using within the current layout.

When you design an application you are basically designing a single page application. This applies not only to the layout of the application itself but also the interactions you have on the page with the application itself. What makes the application truly responsive is that users can see the content of the application and navigate around the page using their browsers.

Responsive design

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How many horses die a year in horse racing? – Quentin Franks Racing
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