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Human – The human race consists of three main races, humans, elves and dwarves…

Elven – The elf race is the most numerous race within the game. Elves are a human-like race and are the one that most resemble humans. Most elf look human looking with their white skin tone and short stature. Elves tend to be more gentle and kind with their surroundings. They are very shy and shy even when in other races society. They are generally seen wearing black clothing.

Dwarf – The dwarf kingdom is the most powerful kingdom on the mainland. Dwarves are a kind of people that are highly intelligent and powerful. They are a very small people and are generally known for their intelligence and the use of machines. Elves tend to be more peaceful than dwarves because of their larger stature compared to dwarves and due to their long life span. They also tend to be more kind and gentle in their approach towards others. Elves have thick long hair known as a brahmins, while dwarves have long black hair known as a dwarvish mohawk.

Are there any dwarves that I can play as in the game?

There are actually 2 dwarven races that I can play as in Dwarf Fortress…

The Dwarf Archer

The Dwarf Ranger

There were actually 3 different human races in the game, but the elves were the most commonly seen in Dwarf Fortress, while the other three human races were the most uncommon.

Elf/Dwarf races

Can I use a female dwarf as a spouse?

I don’t think you can because dwarves are typically women who are not physically capable of bearing children, but are generally considered more of a caring spouse.

Can I be a dwarf miner?

No. The dwarves are known to have the least amount of physical ability in the game.

Dwarf – Mining

Is drinking alcohol allowed?

Yes. The dwarves can drink alcohol from drinking fountains.

Dwarf – Drunkard

Can I eat a fish in Dwarf Fortress?

Yes. Fish can be eaten in Dwarf Fortress at any time, and may even contain a few bones, which will provide a substantial amount of hunger for dwarves after a day. However, dwarves are not allowed to eat meat and animal products such as eggs or dairy in Dwarf Fortress.

What is the relationship between the dwarven race and the human race?

Dwarves were the race of dwarfs prior

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What are the 3 human races? – At The Races Tips
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