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In real life, we don’t know the real life human races because there’s no way we can get at all, and even if we could we know it by only watching them, without ever having met one! So I think that this makes it very hard to think of the “3 races”, and I don’t think all 3 groups should be counted in the same way!

In my mind, they all seem pretty similar. The only difference is that some have a specific physical appearance that others don’t. The biggest physical difference is of course the big ape family group, but they also have the same physical characteristics as humans (they just don’t have all the other traits that human people have):



Dorsoventral asymmetry

Muscle mass

Aptitude for social and non-social behaviors

Social awareness

In short, if they seem similar, then that’s really hard to tell by looking at one of them. They all look like the same big ape family.

If I could assign an official human race with a specific physical type then it would have to be the “Big Five” – ape, human, yellow monkey, African cat, and so on. But then I’m not sure how that would be any different from me assigning a “Big Human Race” with 3 physical types and 3 “species” of humans:

[Person 1, Person 2, Person 3]

And that’s just how it appears on the outside, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to assign a race to all mankind!

If you think about it, I really think that having only 3 racial types makes no sense! There’s just too much difference anyway, with the biggest differences coming from their specific physical characteristics. If the biggest physical differences between races are their skin colour, then we’re looking at something that’s probably very different from us because in our eyes it’s very white. We are only able to interpret the skin colour from a “race concept”, because the difference between two races is not as large as the difference between 2 types of humans, since you don’t see many physical similarities between them. It’s probably also a fair guess that there are many more physical features that we can see between races that aren’t visible to us, than what is visible to us. For example, it might be hard to tell two different people to be different if they have no differences between their facial anatomy, but we do

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What are the 3 human races? – Horse Racing News Belmont
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