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Each horse is assigned one (1) race, which will be the first race of the season. At the start of this race the horse that is assigned to the first race will go up against three (3) other horses on the first race track using the designated races as the start line.

After the start the 3 horses will be placed in order of the best finishing position on the previous race.

The 4th starting race will be the final race of the season, and will pit the 3 horses against each other from the previous races. (See Rules in Section 6.15 for further details on the 4th race)

If you have some comments or questions concerning the 4th race please feel free to contact me at the email address you entered as your contact information (this is not the contact information you entered on the registration page). I will try to reply to your email within 4-6 weeks.

Any questions or comments regarding other races, please email me and I will answer your question about that race.

All races will be held at the Westbury Racetrack in the town of Westbury, New York (NY12-2)

How will I know which race I’m assigned to?

You can find out immediately by using your track’s “Track Name” or Track Email.

How long does it take to win a Derby or National Series race?

When you register for a race registration you will receive an email with the winner’s name. You can then see your race results on the “Results” tab of the Race Registration page on my.regis.com.

Is there a penalty for finishing last in a races of 3 and more horses?

There is no penalty for finishing last in a race of 3 and fewer horses.

Can I win my first race against my own horse?

If you are the only person racing in a Derby race in the first race of the Derby season one will be assigned to you to race against your own horse in the Derby race. This is not a race with 3 horses. The 1st and 2nd races in the Derby are for starters, and after this first race you are expected to finish and/or score first in the 2nd race.

After the first race a race will be re-run until the 3 horses are all retired. A race will be re-run after three (3) horses have retired. The first race is a new race and

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What are the 4 major horse races? – Horse Racing On Tv Today Fox
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