What are the different types of bets?

You can bet on:

How well your team is playing in a given game

How well your team has performed over a period of time

Which players are playing well

Where the ball is being dropped

Which players are running or receiving most of your passes

How many points are available for you and/or the other team

Who is receiving goals

Which players need to improve

Once you decide where you are going to try to win, you create a contract and make up the odds.

How will I know how close I am to matching the predicted scores?

Your score will be updated in the right column throughout the game. All it takes is 1) checking whether you are still in the game, and 2) getting closer. We will tell you in a few minutes how close you are to hitting each number!

How do I bet with friends?

If you are on Facebook, then sign in and in the ‘bet’ section add a Friend.

With that you can bet with a friend, or even a random player.

What does winning with a friend mean?

It means you and your friend win the game with a certain probability!

How does the betting algorithm work?

We have a complex betting algorithm that takes into account the game situation. For instance, if a team scores more goals than their opponents (which is the case about 70% of the time). These goals will be more difficult to score on and the probability of winning increases accordingly.

You can find it here.

In addition, we will add all the matches the scores were from and make it easier to see which team will win. This way you can know how the game is going, and whether the team you want to bet on with has a good chance to win.

How does the ‘team list’ function?

This function will help you find the optimal strategy. This has 2 parts:

This part has a simple calculation to make the best decisions every time, which you can find here.

This part will show you what to do during different situations that the team might encounter. For instance, what to do in case the opponents scores are greater than the score you have calculated. Or in case the other team just scored too many goals (in that case you can bet less).

What should I do if the other team scores more than me?

This may happen because

What are the different types of bets?
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