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All but one of the four most commonly seen racehorses in the United States come from the United States. The exception is the Dacron—a racehorse from France that the American Breeders’ Association once considered the most “Americanized” horse possible. Some of its distinguishing characteristics include the unique black stripe on the left side, the broad, tapered neck and a headless, large head, which has led to much speculation regarding the breed’s ancestry.

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If a horse is a certain color it usually means the horse belongs to that particular lineage. Each lineage has its own unique characteristics: The mare in the Cavalier’s lineage, for example, has a slightly shorter, spindly-legged stance, its head is larger and slightly longer, and is usually a little smaller than a typical American mare. Also the horse’s heritage can influence how the breed is raced. The American Bulldogs’ heritage is generally found in the North American lineage, whereas the American Saddlehorses’ heritage comes from the southern European lineage.

Do breeders and hobbyists race their horses differently?

No, as horses are the products of the breeders and hobbyist, they are all just like your other horse. While they are raced throughout all the continents, it is the horses born in our own backyard that can truly give a good sense of who they are.

Where are those great horses bred?

You’ll find American Standardbred lines wherever there is room to grow. The only requirements the breeders, breed clubs, and the people that buy from them (other hobbyists) must agree upon when breeding a horse is that the animal should reach a certain weight. They don’t care what color its skin is or how much speed it has, any good rider will know that it is how it looks and acts that counts, not who it is bred from. If they don’t understand what this means, they are not getting their horses properly.

American Standardbreed lines inbred from European stock—and even the one that crosses the Breed’s best blood line with that of a Painted Stag. Photo by Charles Stebbins. The American Standardbred line is a hybrid between crossbred Stags and Dukes, and the most recognized American Standardbred lineage is the one that crosses the Breed’s best bloodlines with European stock. Here are some examples of purebred lines that cross other crosses to produce lines such as the French and Belgian French Bulldogs, the American Bulldogs,

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What breed are most race horses? – Los Alamitos Horse Racing Open Today
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